How Do You Fish?

Alabama has quite a few rivers and lakes for the prepper who plans to use fishing as a source of protein.  Having spent many hours fishing in Alabama, and a large amount of time fishing in other parts of the country, I wonder how people will fish if they don’t have access to the all the modern fishing tackle.

Will they know how to find worms in the ground?  It only takes a minute to dig up a clump of dirt near the body of water to find worms.  Or how about using a flashlight with a red filter at night to spot them?  What about grasshoppers?  Will they know how to catch them and put them on the hook? Can they catch minnows for bait?

Not everything attractive to fish are alive.  The scent of anise attracts fish.  Catfish will hit corn on the hook.  They like shiny things and are attracted to light.  People used to “call up the fish” with an old fashioned crank phone.  In some places using a light, anise, or crank phone is illegal.  Mostly because they work so well.

Bait isn’t the only thing the prepper fisherman needs to know.  He needs to know how to use anything as a fishing pole in case he doesn’t have one.  Tying off a line on any structure or tree works in a pinch.  Stakes can be used to anchor lines.  A tire iron makes a great stake when pounded down into the ground.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen people use a trot line.  Do any of you still use them?  Trot lines have a large number of hooks to bait hanging from a larger rope.  The ends of the rope are tied off.  The fisherman comes back some time later to claim his catch.

If you live along the ocean, you can add crab to your fishing plans.  Those stinkers are fast.  Traps are most helpful.  What if those wonderful metal traps rust away?  Traps used to be made from wood.  They can be made at home from scrap pieces of wood.

Do they know that they need to practice?  Yes, practice fishing.  It takes time to get that wrist motion down pat.  It takes time to learn what fish are available in each region you will be fishing and what bait works best.

So take the family on a picnic by the lake or river and let all of them practice fishing.


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